Saison Restaurant the Hip Hangout in Richmond Virginia

VIRGINIA - Located in Richmond, Virginia, Saison is a hip hangout with a unique wine and beer list.  The restaurant is also home to a full-service cocktail bar and a craft beer bottle shop. The restaurant's menu zigzags between Latin American specialties and traditional Southern favorites. The menu includes hot chicken with pickles and mac and cheese.

Photo: Saison in Richmond Virginia


Saison Is A Hip Hangout With A Unique Wine And Beer List

Saison is located at 23 W. Marshall Street. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. The restaurant is known for its Latin flavors and attracts Gen Y gourmands. The restaurant also features a wide selection of meats, including slow-farmed and heirloom grains. It also has a small wine list and offers a shot and beer for $8. The restaurant's host is well-trained and can answer questions about the menu.

Saison's menu features a burger made with local sirloin ground by JM Stock Provisions. The burger is topped with Bibb lettuce, pickles, ranch dressing, and smoked cheddar, and white wine cheese. It's a delicious meal that can be served in a 10-table dining room.

The restaurant's cocktail menu features a variety of options, including mescal and mescal cocktails. The restaurant also offers half-price wine and agave spirits during happy hour. During the day, the restaurant features a growler filling station and an espresso bar. During the evening, the restaurant hosts a Sunday night gospel bird drawing.

Saison Market is located next door to the restaurant and was opened in 2014. The market features cocktail supplies, a full espresso bar, a craft beer bottle shop, and a wine bar.