Dobbin House Tavern in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

PENNSYLVANIA - Located on 89 Steinwehr Avenue in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Dobbin House Tavern serves various scrumptious meals and drinks. Whether you're looking for a quick lunch or an upscale dinner, the restaurant has something for everyone.

Dobbin House Tavern in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Photo: Dobbin House Tavern


The Dobbin House Boasts Several Dining Options

Including an Abigail Adams Ballroom, the Springhouse Tavern, and a pub.  For a fuller dining experience, guests can opt for the Alexander Dobbin Dining Room, which has six dining rooms and seven fireplaces. The restaurant also boasts a cocktail bar, a country curiosity store, and a spinning room. The restaurant serves spit-roasted chicken, drunken scallops, and Maryland Colony crabcakes.

The Dobbin House has won numerous awards, including the Mobil Guide's highest ratings for the area.  Visitors can experience a variety of historic landmarks, including the tavern's grand staircase, the first library in the area, and the infamous secret underground railroad slave hideout. The building has been restored to its original glory.

Dobbin House offers free tours of the place every Sunday.  The guided tour lasts about an hour and includes history and context. Visitors can also walk through the place and see original railings, parts of the walls left unrenovated, and bullet holes from the Civil War.

The Dobbin House has won several awards, including the Mobil Guide's best restaurant, best B&B, and best restaurant for the area's most notable menu item.  The tavern is also known for the best deli sandwiches in the region. It has five charming guest rooms and a historic restaurant, making it an excellent place to stay.

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