7 Best Hidden Speakeasies in Miami, FL

A Guide to Secret SpeakeasiesFLORIDA - Miami's vibrant nightlife scene extends beyond the flashy nightclubs and South Beach bars. Behind unassuming facades and disguised entrances lie hidden gems – the clandestine speakeasies. These intimate cocktail havens offer a unique experience, transporting you back to the Prohibition era with creative libations, sophisticated ambiance, and a touch of mystery.

7 Best Hidden Speakeasies in Miami, FL
Unveiling Miami's Best Hidden Gems: A Guide to Secret Speakeasies

Unveiling Miami's Best Hidden Gems: A Guide to Secret Speakeasies

Finding these hidden treasures can be part of the fun. This guide will unveil some of Miami's best speakeasies, each offering a distinct atmosphere and cocktail program. So, embrace your inner detective, follow these clues, and prepare to be charmed by Miami's secret libations.

1. Swizzle Rum Bar & Drinkery

Often hailed as Miami's top speakeasy, Swizzle Rum Bar & Drinkery takes inspiration from the Caribbean rum culture. The bar is located discreetly behind a colorful facade and has an extensive rum selection and tropical-inspired cocktails. Think playful tiki vibes with a focus on handcrafted, rum-based delights.

2. Kaona, The Hidden Tiki Room

Calling all tiki enthusiasts! Kaona offers an immersive Polynesian escape hidden behind a seemingly ordinary door. Step inside and be transported to a tropical paradise adorned with bamboo furnishings, tiki torches, and vibrant island décor. The talented bartenders craft potent and playful tiki cocktails, each a delicious journey through the Pacific flavors.

Old Fashioned

3. Red Phone Booth

For a touch of British flair, head to Red Phone Booth. This intimate speakeasy is cleverly disguised – look for the inconspicuous red phone booth and be prepared for a transformation. Enter a classic yet modern, London-inspired pub with leather armchairs, velvet drapes, and a robust cocktail menu featuring timeless classics and innovative creations.

4. Monterrey Bar

Nestled within The Standard Spa in Miami Beach, Monterrey Bar offers a touch of luxury to the speakeasy experience. Think plush seating, dim lighting, and an air of exclusivity. Expertly crafted cocktails and a meticulously curated wine list complement the opulent setting. Monterrey

5. Dante's HiFi

Dante's HiFi has carved a niche in Miami's speakeasy scene. This hidden gem boasts a relaxed yet stylish atmosphere, featuring vintage furniture and a focus on vinyl records. The bartenders are craft masters, and the cocktail menu offers classic and innovative options. Dante's HiFi is a popular spot among locals and provides an outstanding balance of good conversation, exceptional drinks, and a genuine speakeasy vibe.

6. Tea Room

For those seeking a genuinely enigmatic experience, Tea Room beckons. Shrouded in secrecy, even the location of this speakeasy is a mystery to be unraveled. However, rumors of an opulent setting, a focus on rare and vintage spirits, and a meticulously crafted cocktail menu exist. Reservations are highly coveted, and securing a spot at Tea Room requires a touch of investigative spirit and a whole lot of luck.

7. Los Altos

For a taste of Argentina, Los Altos offers a hidden gem tucked away in Brickell. This speakeasy boasts an impressive selection of South American spirits, mainly focusing on Argentinian Malbec wines and handcrafted cocktails that showcase unique Latin flavors. The dimly lit space with exposed brick walls and warm, inviting tones sets the stage for a sophisticated evening.

Beyond the List

While this list provides a starting point, Miami's hidden cocktail scene is ever-evolving. Here are some additional tips for uncovering these clandestine gems:

  • Do your research: Many speakeasies maintain a low online profile, but a quick internet search or inquiry with local bartenders can provide valuable clues.
  • Follow the signs: Look for subtle hints like unmarked doors, vintage signage, or unusual architectural details that might conceal a hidden entrance.
  • Embrace the mystery: Part of the speakeasy experience is the thrill of the unknown. Don't be afraid to ask around or follow your intuition.

A Note on Etiquette:

Speakeasies often have a limited capacity, so reservations are highly recommended. Additionally, dress codes are sometimes enforced, so dress appropriately for the chosen venue.

Miami's hidden speakeasies offer a unique escape from the typical nightlife scene. With their emphasis on handcrafted cocktails, intimate settings, and a touch of secrecy, these clandestine bars provide an unforgettable experience for any discerning drinker. So, gather your companions, embrace your inner detective, and embark on a journey to discover Miami's best-kept secrets.