Key West Lighthouse and Keepers Quarters

FLORIDA - Located in Key West, Florida, Key West Lighthouse and Keepers Quarters is a lighthouse maintained as a museum. The museum offers a glimpse into the history of lighthouse keepers and the artifacts they kept. You can also explore the grounds and the lighthouse. The museum is open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm every day except Christmas.

Key West Lighthouse and Keepers Quarters
Photo: Key West Lighthouse and Keepers Quarters


The museum contains a variety of artifacts from the period, including photos, early Key West photographs, and historical artifacts. In addition, the museum features the first-order Fresnel lens used in the decommissioned Sombrero Key Lighthouse.

Key West Lighthouse was built initially to warn vessels of coral reefs. A second lighthouse was built in 1848. In addition, a third-order Fresnel lens was installed in the lighthouse tower. This lighthouse also had a balcony for viewing the island.

A woman named Barbara Mabrity became the lighthouse keeper. She was one of the first women to serve as a lighthouse keeper. She served as a keeper for fourteen years. However, she was replaced in 1866 by John Carroll. She died three months later.

In the keeper's quarters, you can see artifacts and letters from the period. You can also see photographs and antique furnishings from the lighthouse. You can also get a glimpse into the lives of the lighthouse keepers.

The museum has many exhibits, including re-creations of historic Key West homes. You can also explore the history of lighthouses in the Keys.