Tour Harry S Truman's Little White House in Key West FL

KEY WEST, FL - President Harry S. Truman had a winter White House in Key West during the Cold War.  It was his official retreat, and he used it to handle important government business. Truman's Little White House was a historic building built for naval officers in Key West. It is now a museum and is open to visitors for tours.

Tour Harry S Truman's Little White House in Key West FL
Photo: Truman Little White House


The Winter White House in Key West

Truman spent 175 days in the Winter White House during his administration.  He used it to deal with the Cold War, civil rights issues, and changes in foreign policy. He made it a point to return to the Key West winter retreat every November and December. He also returned for five post-presidency visits.

Truman fell in love with Key West and made it his winter retreat. He came back every year through 1952. It was a warm, friendly place where he could escape the cold winter in Washington.

Truman could summon his staff to Key West whenever he needed them. He was also very friendly with the locals. He claimed that Key West was the second-best place on earth. Truman also took the time to issue documents from Key West.

Truman's Little White House is now a museum that gives visitors a house history. Many historical objects were originally in the house. There is also a deck area, a library, closets, and a gift shop. The admission fee ranges between $23 and $25, depending on the ticket source.