The Pizza Brain Restaurant and Museum in Philadelphia

The Pizza Brain Restaurant and Museum in PhiladelphiaPHILADELPHIA - Located on Frankford Avenue in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, the Pizza Brain Restaurant and Museum is more than just a pizzeria. This eatery is home to the world's most extensive pizza-related collection. The collection includes over 561 pizza-related items.

The Pizza Brain Restaurant and Museum in Philadelphia
Photo: Pizza Brain Restaurant and Museum

Pizza Brain Restaurant and Museum is More Than Just a Pizzeria

The museum is a great spot to explore with your kids. You'll find pizza-related toys, art, vinyl records, and more. This is also fun to grab a bite or have a cocktail before heading out to the bars along Frankford Avenue.

The pizza-themed murals include images of aged provolone, grana Padano, fresh basil, mozzarella, and more. You can also pick up pizza-related toys and books. This is the perfect place for a fun date night or a wholesome family meal.

The menu includes pies such as Forbes Waggensense, a pepperoni pie with grana padano and prosciutto. You can also get a chicken or artichoke heart topping. Pizza Brain also offers a variety of specialty pies. Guests can pick from red and white pies or a Super Bowl pie. The restaurant is also BYOB.

Pizza Brain also hosts a monthly art show. One of the artists featured is New Yorker Steph Mantis, who uses authentic pizza to create art. The restaurant is also famous for its pizza-bearing action figures. This includes the famous Ghostbusters, which are still in their original packaging.

The Pizza Brain Museum is a great place to visit with your family, especially if you're planning a trip to Philadelphia. You'll be amazed at the world's most extensive pizza memorabilia collection.