It's March Cheesesteak Madness Time! Vote for Your Philly Fave!

Vote for Your Philly Fave!Calling all cheesesteak connoisseurs! The cheesesteak showdown is back, and this year, Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure presents the 4th Annual March Cheesesteak Madness! I'm Jim Pappas, your cheesesteak sherpa, and over the past four years, I've devoured over 1,000 cheesesteaks on a mission to find Philly's finest. Now, it's your turn to help crown the 2024 March Cheesesteak Champion!

It's March Cheesesteak Madness Time! Vote for Your Philly Fave!
It's March Cheesesteak Madness Time! Vote for Your Philly Fave!

What is March Cheesesteak Madness?

Think NCAA basketball tournament, but with melty cheese and sizzling ribeye. This is a 64-cheesesteak, bracket-style throwdown, where the tastiest titans of the tri-state area battle it out for cheesesteak supremacy.

Vote for Your Philly Fave!

2024 | Philadelphia Voting Page

2024 | Delco Voting Page

2024 | NJ/DE Voting Page

2024 | Counties Voting Page

The Final Four:

The top contenders from each region will then face off in the Final Four. Here's where things get cheesy (pun intended):

  • Online Voting: You, the cheesesteak enthusiasts, will choose two finalists through online voting.
  • Judge's Choice: A panel of expert eaters will then taste-test the remaining two contenders and determine the ultimate champion.

The Prize:

The winner will be forever immortalized as the 2024 March Cheesesteak Champion, with their name etched onto the coveted Cheesy Cup! Not only will they earn bragging rights, but their establishment will also get to proudly display the Cheesy Cup.

Cheesesteak Contenders:

The tournament features a diverse selection of cheesesteak champions, divided into four regions:

  • Philadelphia Region: The heart of cheesesteak country!
  • Delaware County (Delco) Region: Delco's hidden gems take center stage.
  • NJ/DE Region: Neighboring states get in on the cheesy action.
  • Remaining Philadelphia Area Counties: Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, and Berks counties bring the heat.

Picking the Perfect Cheesesteak:

Choosing just 64 contenders from Philly's vast cheesesteak landscape was no easy feat. To ensure fairness, high-scoring cheesesteaks (90+ points) were prioritized, with regional representation balanced. But fear not, cheesesteak devotees! If your favorite didn't make the cut this year, there's always next March!

Get to Know the Competitors:

Eager to see the contenders in action? Head over to the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure YouTube channel. Search for "[Your Cheesesteak Spot Name]" to see their mouthwatering masterpiece.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your napkins (you'll need them!), head to [invalid URL removed], and vote for your favorite cheesesteak! Let's make this March Cheesesteak Madness the cheesiest, most delicious one yet!