9 Best Sushi Spots in Philadelphia

Where to Find The Best Sushi in PhiladelphiaPENNSYLVANIA - Philadelphia has long been known for its thriving sushi scene, offering a wide range of modern and upscale options to satisfy the palates of sushi aficionados. However, there are plenty of great places to find good sushi in the city for those seeking smaller, more affordable establishments without compromising quality. Here, we have curated a list of nine of our favorite sushi spots in Philadelphia, each offering its own unique dining experience.

9 Best Spots for Sushi in Philadelphia

9 Best Sushi Restaurants in Philadelphia

1. Morimoto

At the top of our list is Morimoto, a prestigious restaurant that introduced high-end sushi delivery to the city. With a menu boasting delicacies like toro sashimi, king crab California maki, and Asian-inspired small plates, Morimoto provides a genuinely elevated sushi experience.

2. Zento

Zento, known for its top-notch food and cozy atmosphere, is a popular destination for sushi lovers. Alongside their impressive sushi offerings, they provide upscale dining options and excellent service, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience.

3. Bleu Sushi

Nestled near Louis I Kahn Park, Bleu Sushi offers an innovative take on Japanese cuisine. This BYO restaurant is ideal for families looking to enjoy sushi and green tea, ice cream, and pancakes to complete their culinary journey.

4. Izakaya Fishtown

Izakaya Fishtown stands out for those seeking a more relaxed and casual atmosphere. While they offer more than just sushi, their sashimi bar is a real gem. Here, you can also enjoy classic Japanese pub fare and excellent cocktails. For a grander experience, try the 25-course tasting at their omakase bar.

5. Fat Salmon

If stylish design and a sophisticated ambiance are what you're after, Fat Salmon is the perfect choice. Their dedication to Japanese cuisine is evident in their menu offerings and the sleek, low-light interior of the restaurant.

6. Yanako Restaurant

Located in Manayunk, Yanako Restaurant satisfies the neighborhood's cravings for customizable sushi dinners and specialty rolls. The added convenience of delivery and pickup options through their website makes it even easier to enjoy their delectable offerings.

7. Zama

Chef Hiroyuki "Zama" Tanaka's mastery has earned Zama the title of Best Sushi in Philadelphia. Their seasonal sushi rolls and proximity to Philadelphia's Japanese neighborhood make it a must-visit for any sushi lover.

8. Hiroki

Hiroki is the place to go for a genuinely intimate and peaceful dining experience. Chef Hiroki Fujiyama's omakase menu, featuring seasonal sushi rolls inspired by Kyoto, is a true culinary delight. Make a reservation, as this hidden gem is highly sought after.

9. Tuna Bar

Last but certainly not least, Tuna Bar showcases Chef Kenneth Sze's expertise in sushi. Their menu offers excellent sushi options and tantalizing dishes like gyoza, noodle dishes, and a special wonton soup inspired by Sze's grandmother.

These nine sushi spots in Philadelphia represent just a fraction of the city's diverse culinary scene. Whether you're seeking high-end dining or a casual experience, Philadelphia has something to offer every sushi lover. From prestigious establishments to hidden gems, explore the city and indulge in the flavors of the sea.