Best Irish Bar Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

Best Irish Bar Cheesesteaks in PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, PA -- Philadelphia Irish bars are renowned for their great food, Irish whiskey, and live music - some of the best in Center City. Below, we've listed some of our top picks to drink copious amounts of green beer while enjoying an irresistible cheesesteak, listed in no particular order.

McGillin's Olde Ale House

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With Three Irish Cheesesteaks!!

McGillin's Olde Ale House, 1310 Drury St in Philadelphia, PA. Every time I visit McGillin's, I discover a new reason to love it. My favorite McGillin story: When my younger daughter moved here from Canada three years ago, I asked if she had ever been to McGillin's. Of course, she hadn't! She replied that McGillin's has food available, but you must arrive early, or you may end up waiting in line. When I asked if she had their cheesesteak, she asked, 'Do they have food?' Absolutely - McGillin's offers delicious food! McGillin's is known for its $5 drafts, but you'll stay and return for the food. Their cheesesteak comes with melted provolone cheese and chips and pickles - making for a hearty cheesesteak with lots of meat beneath that provolone. I recommend getting mine with mushrooms; they add flavor and moisture to the meat.

McNally's Tavern, located at 8634 Germantown Ave in Philadelphia, PA, was a great stop for me while working there. Without knowing there was such an iconic cheesesteak and bar behind its green door, I often passed it by without realizing what a fantastic surprise it would be - excellent customer service and family-owned! On my visit, my Sister-in-Law handled the bar that day while The Schmitter (Google it!) took care of drinks for us - another reason to love McNally's! Delicious dessert was served; the carrot cake was mine. Watch how amazing that was! Amazing video here:

Oscar's Tavern, 1524 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA. Center City's premier dive bar. I don't know if Oscar's is Irish-owned; however, when I visited in 1987 as a trainee at PaineWebber, Jackie Irish was the bartender, so that's good enough for me to include it on this list. Sorry about the video quality - this was early in my Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure, after all - plus, this is just any old dive bar, so what do you expect here?