Explore Philadelphia's Independence Hall

PhiladelphiaPHILADELPHIA - Independence Hall is a historic building in the center of Philadelphia. Originally known as the Pennsylvania State House, it became the site where the Declaration of Independence was adopted and the United States Constitution was ratified.

Explore Philadelphia's Independence Hall


Visiting Independence Hall in Philadelphia

Independence Hall is considered one of the most historic buildings in the United States. A recent UNESCO designation has recognized its significance as a world heritage site.

The building's original construction started in 1732 and was a Georgian-style structure. English-born architect Edmund Woolley designed it.

Several alterations were made to the structure over time. In 1828, the Philadelphia City Council decided to commission a new steeple for the building.

In 1854, the first-floor east room was renovated to become a shrine to the founding fathers. As a result, the room became a focal point for public dissent until the early twentieth century.