Singing Servers at Victor's Cafe in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - During dinner service at the Victor Cafe in Philadelphia, waiters perform live operatic arias for diners.  This is one of the most exciting restaurants in the city and should be considered a must-try.

Singing Servers at the Victor Cafe in Philadelphia
Photo: Victor Cafe

Victor Cafe in Philadelphia

The cafe is on 13th and Dickinson Street in the South Philadelphia neighborhood. It has been a neighborhood fixture for over 100 years. Today, it is owned by the Di Stefano family. Originally a gramophone store, the cafe is still a popular hangout for locals and tourists.

The cafe features a large dining room, a second-floor speakeasy bar, and a lounge area featuring eclectic art. There are also a few musical instruments scattered throughout the dining room.

The menu is full of traditional Italian fare. However, the cafe's real claim to fame is its live operatic performances. On most nights, singers perform on the second-floor balcony. These performances last approximately fifteen minutes. The cafe has hosted international guests since 1970.

Aside from the operatic performances, the cafe is also known for its outstanding food. The menu is full of classic Italian dishes such as ravioli and lasagna. It also features takeout and local delivery. The cafe offers an emergency fund for customers in need.

The restaurant has also been featured in the movies. It was used for several scenes in the Rocky anthology films. Sylvester Stallone visited the cafe in 2005. It was also featured in the Rocky 3 ending credits. The cafe has hosted numerous Philadelphia luminaries.