The Chocolate Menu at Max Brenner in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - Whether you're looking for a quick lunch date or a night on the town, Max Brenner will sate your sweet tooth in style. It's also a great place to take the kids for an evening of fun. The restaurant is a short walk from a park and the adjacent public transit system, making it easy to reach.

The Chocolate Menu at Max Brenner in Philadelphia

You'll also find a reasonably priced menu and a convenient-sized parking lot. In addition to its ilk, Max Brenner has a private room for more intimate meetings. It's a popular spot for high-end weddings and corporate events.

Max Brenner may be located in the heart of the Philadelphia suburbs, but the restaurant's offerings have a cosmopolitan appeal. As the name implies, it's a bastion of Israeli opulence, which isn't bad for an aficionado of chocolate. The company does an excellent job of sourcing products from around the world.

As a result, customers can expect to find a chocolate-centric menu with a plethora of unique concoctions. The company also prepares specialty foods like kimchi and bbq pulled pork for a more gourmet experience. In addition to its gastronomic offerings, the restaurant also features a full-service bar, a well-stocked wine cellar, and a smattering of microbrews.

The most popular Max Brenner location is in Philadelphia, but the company has also spread its tentacles into Boston, Las Vegas, and New York City. For the lucky few in the greater Philadelphia area, it's a no-brainer that a visit to the fanciest of them is the ticket.