6 Best Must-Try Pizza Spots in Chicago, IL

Pizza ChicagoCHICAGO, IL - Chicago is known and fondly loved for its deep-dish pizza. However, plenty of restaurants also serve the thin-crust variety. While this list cannot settle any arguments about which pizzeria is best, it will give a rundown of some popular pizza joints in Chicago for people who enjoy this Italian staple.

Best Must-Try Pizza Spots in Chicago, IL
Photo: Paulie Gee's Logan Square

Where to Find The Best Pizza in Chicago, IL

1. Giordano's Pizza

One can argue that no one can prepare pizza better than the Italians. Giordano's in Chicago helps to support this argument. The dining establishment was opened in 1974 by two Italian-born siblings. They felt that their mother's dish was the best, and they decided to share her specialty with the residents of this city. The restaurant itself is named after their mother. They specialize in the deep dish variety but offer many other tempting pies.

2. Paulie Gee's Logan Square

If you're craving the classic Italian American pies, head to Paulie Gees. The company has been serving delicious food for over 45 years. Their signature pan pizza is a favorite among locals. It's a caramelized, crispy crust that encases a hearty pie loaded with meat.

3. Lou Malnati's Pizza

Lou had worked in Chicago pizzerias for several years before starting his own restaurant. He had a lot of experience, and his café proved to be an instant hit. The 'Lou' pizza is one of the favorite varieties among the residents of Chicago. It has mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, fresh spinach, and different types of cheeses. The business opened its doors in 1974, but the owner died in 1978. His sons took over, and they have ensured that the legacy that their father left lives on.

4. Coalfire

Individuals who prefer the thin-crust variety will marvel at the one provided in Coalfire. This eatery serves a delicacy that is both bold and irresistible. One will never get enough of this finger-licking dish. They are prepared in a one-of-a-kind brick oven and are slightly charred but still chewy and palatable.

5. Gino's East

This pizzeria was opened by several cab drivers in 1966. The origin of the name is unknown, but there is no denying that this is one of the most popular joints in the city. Its specialty is a deep-dish pizza with lots of mozzarellas and rich tomato sauce, and there is also a thin-crust variety for those who prefer it.

6. Pizano's Pizza & Pasta

Pizano's Pizza & Pasta is a modern-day pizzeria combining great taste with a healthy dose of oomph. Their menu has everything from the classic spaghetti and meatballs to the cheesy garlic bread. They even have a full bar. The restaurant's a favorite of locals for its casual yet sophisticated dining experience.