Whats The Weather Like in Boston

Whats The Weather Like in BostonBOSTON, MA - The weather in Boston has four distinct seasons, and the weather is forever changing. The statewide motto for the region's weather is: If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes.

Whats The Weather Like in Boston
What to Expect from Boston Weather When Traveling

What to Expect from Boston Weather When Traveling

 Spring in Boston

Spring is a welcomed season as temperatures start to rise and the growing season begins. But, don't forget a jacket and an umbrella, as the growing season also means moisture is in the air.

Summer in Boston

Summer can be delightful, with the ocean breezes helping keep the humid temps in control. Evening temperatures can be cool and may require a light sweater. And a pop-up thunderstorm is not uncommon, so you may want to include an umbrella in your bag. Summers average high temperatures in July are above 80 °F (26.7 °C) and overnight lows above 60 °F (15.5 °C)

Fall in Boston

Fall boasts crisp, cooling temperatures as Mother Nature displays her glorious colors in our foliage. Grab that heavier sweater and maybe a scarf so you can enjoy a stroll through the park.

Winter in Boston

Winter emerges with cooler temperatures and the potential for snowfall from December through March. Winters are cold but generally less extreme on the coast, with high temperatures in the winter averaging above freezing even in January. However, areas further inland will be colder. Don't forget to pack your heavy coat, hat and maybe a pair of boots.

Source: Boston USA

See The Boston Guide  - is a very active seaport with cargo and passenger vessels coming into the Harbor and leaving through two shipping lanes going to and from the piers and docks in South Boston, Chelsea, and the Mystic River. Skyscrapers are perched on the shores of the Harbor, and they are nothing short of spectacular to look at from the water.