Plan a Visit to Franklin Park Zoo in Boston MA

Franklin Park Zoo in Boston MABOSTON, MA - Franklin Park Zoo, situated north of Boston's Franklin Park, boasts more than 220 species and 1,000 cute animals from 72 acres spread out over multiple geographical regions like wetlands, woodlands, and grasslands.

Plan a Visit to Franklin Park Zoo in Boston MA
Photo: Franklin Park Zoo

Visiting The Franklin Park Zoo in Boston MA

There's also a Children's Zoo, Franklin Farm petting Zoo, and Tropical Forest complete with a waterfall, lush vegetation, and lowland gorillas! And those interested in birds will want to walk the Australian Outback Trail, where red kangaroos, wallabies, and 30 species of free-flight birds await them.

Suppose you want to gain more understanding of conservation. Tiger Tales features Anala, who was rescued from illegal ownership and now resides peacefully in a wooded habitat. In that case, the Zoo offers educational research and exhibits demonstrating how animals are saved and preserved.

As part of their impressive collection, highlights at the Zoo include ring-tailed lemurs, Baird's tapirs, ocelots, and western lowland gorillas (who now enjoy an outdoor habitat), all of which can be observed up close at five glass viewing stations. Gorilla Grove provides 360,000 cubic feet of space equipped with vines and trees, providing plenty of foraging opportunities for gorillas.

Franklin Park Zoo is one of the city's most beloved zoos and welcomes over 2 million visitors annually. Visitors can purchase tickets online to save time and money; ticket confirmation emails will then be delivered directly to their inboxes so that they may present them at the entrance gate upon arriving at Franklin Park Zoo.