6 Best Hot Dog Joints in Colorado

6 Best Hot Dog Joints in ColoradoCOLORADO - These 6 Best Hot Dog Joints in Colorado offer something to satisfy everyone in your family - from classic stands to gourmet restaurants featuring unique toppings! Take your pick and enjoy!

6 Best Hot Dog Joints in Colorado
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Where to Find The Best Hot Dog Joints in Colorado

1. Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs

With its slight biker vibe and late weekend hours, this popular spot has quickly become one of the go-to spots in Denver for quality hot dogs. Offering unique varieties like rattlesnake, reindeer sausages, microbrews, and funky toppings from different regions across America, its menu serves up five-star gourmet hotdogs that rival any five-star hot dog restaurant in town.

2. Chicago Style Beef & Dogs

Few places can claim to have the best hot dogs in Colorado, yet this claim stands. Colorado is home to many Midwestern transplants who enjoy this classic American dish; therefore, its popularity can't come as any surprise. At this small counter-serve spot in Lakewood, you'll find everything from Chicago dog, pastrami, and Italian beef sandwiches to innovative hot dog combinations.

3. Mile High Vienna Stand

Mile High Vienna Stand offers more than just standard hot dogs - their menu offers 14 varieties, such as their Wrangler Tangler, which features crunchy straw onions, bacon bits, and Creole remoulade. Plus, you'll love their casual yet welcoming environment, complete with rock albums and Q*bert decorations decorating the walls!

4. Billy's Gourmet Hot Dogs

This fast-food joint with a sit-down restaurant vibe serves an extensive list of gourmet sausages like pastrami, roast beef, avocado, tacos, and mac & cheese dishes. This menu skews towards fun with its playful names like Mothman Dog and Junkyard Dog. Plus, there are an array of toppings that give each hot dog its own unique flavor!

5. Harleys: A Hot Dog Revolution

With its inviting environment and affordable menu options, this eatery has become a favorite of many. They serve traditional favorites and unique offerings such as the bacon-wrapped hot dog and a homemade corndog. Customers love that they can customize their food exactly how they wish and say the service is exceptional - making this place where people keep returning repeatedly!