Grave Site of Bonnie Parker in Dallas TX

TEXAS - Located on the western edge of Dallas, Texas, the Grave Site of Bonnie Parker in Dallas, TX is a historic landmark.  The outlaw Bonnie Parker was killed in 1934. Clyde Barrow is also buried in this cemetery.

Grave Site of Bonnie Parker in Dallas TX
Photo: Grave Site of Bonnie Parker

Bonnie And Clyde Were Outlaws Who Committed Crimes

Bonnie Parker's headstone is a simple upright stone that states, "Tyner." Bonnie's grave is next to a row of shrubs and giant spruce trees. Her gravesite is easy to miss, but visitors enjoy coming to pay their respects.

Bonnie and Clyde were outlaws who committed crimes in the American Southwest between 1931 and 1934. Their criminal activities made them a favorite folk heroes. They robbed stores, gas stations, and civilians during their crime spree. They were also known for killing several police officers and civilians.

Bonnie Parker was buried in Dallas's Crown Hill Memorial Park. Bonnie's mother and siblings are also buried there. Bonnie Parker's grave is in a private area near her mother's. Bonnie's mother died in 1934. In 1945, Bonnie was buried in West Dallas's Fish Trace Cemetery.

Bonnie's parents wanted her and Clyde to be buried in the same family plot. However, Bonnie's mother didn't want to be buried next to Clyde. She believed it would be taboo with her family. So, Bonnie's gravesite was moved to Crown Hill in 1945.

Bonnie's niece wants to move her aunt's casket next to Clyde's. But the cemetery owner, Rhea Leen Linder, is not necessarily against it. But she will have to take it to court.