Visiting Buddy Holly Crash Site in Clear Lake Iowa

IOWA - Visiting Buddy Holly Crash Site in Clear Lake, Iowa, is a great way to remember one of the greatest rock n roll musicians of all time. He died in a 1959 plane crash. Holly was 22 years old, and Ritchie Valens was 17 when the crash occurred. They were both on tour titled Winter Dance Party. Buddy Holly's band accompanied them. They were heading to Moorhead, Minnesota.

Visiting Buddy Holly Crash Site
Photo: Holly Crash Site

The crash occurred around 6 miles after takeoff from Mason City Municipal Airport. The plane's pilot, Roger Peterson, was a local man. He had spotted the wreckage in a field outside of Clear Lake.

The crash site is located on a working farm field north of Clear Lake, Iowa. There is a small makeshift memorial at the site. A pathway leads through a soybean field to a large fenced row where a sign reads "Buddy Holly's Glasses."

The site is regularly maintained and regularly monitored. It has become a repository for mementos and gifts from visiting fans. Several of Holly's signature eyeglasses are placed at the site. A stainless steel guitar replica is also displayed. A record label continues to release new music for up to ten years after Holly's death.

Fans can visit the crash site during the summer and winter. Visitors can also leave mementos and flowers at the site. If you're interested in learning more about Buddy Holly, you can visit the Buddy Holly Museum in Clear Lake, Iowa. It's open on weekends from 9 am to 1 pm. It features a collection of photographs from Holly's past performances.