What is the State Bird of West Virginia?

WEST VIRGINIA - The northern cardinal is the state bird of West Virginia.  This bird is a member of the genus Cardinalis and is also known as the cardinal, redbird, and common cardinal. It can be found throughout the state of West Virginia. It is a small bird that flies around in flocks.

What is the State Bird of West Virginia?

The Northern Cardinal Is The State Bird Of West Virginia 

This bird can be distinguished by its colorful feathers.  It has a distinctive song consisting of staccato chirps followed by higher-pitched tweets. Some birdwatchers mimic the cardinal's song to attract the bird. The female builds a cup-shaped nest and incubates the eggs for 12 to 13 days. The clutch of cardinal eggs usually contains three to four white or grayish eggs. The male then helps feed the nestlings. The cardinal may raise two or three broods in a year.

The cardinal has been the state bird of West Virginia since 1949. It is also the state bird of Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Virginia. A poll chose the state cardinal among schoolchildren. In 1949, schoolchildren and civic organizations voted on the species to become the official state bird.

There are 12 million acres of forested land in West Virginia, which provide essential habitats for millions of forest birds. In the Eastern Panhandle, the habitat is comprised of broad river valleys and oak-pine ridges. This habitat is also home to the tiny Pine Warbler. The Allegheny Mountains provide critical habitat for large populations of Blue-headed Vireos and Northern Saw-whet Owls. In the western part of the state, oak-dominated forests provide crucial habitats for Wood Thrushes and Cerulean Warblers.