What is the State Bird of Missouri?

MISSOURI- The Eastern Bluebird is the State Bird of Missouri, a small migratory thrush that lives primarily in orchards and open woodlands.  It can also be found in farmland and orchards. The bird's bright red color and distinctive call make it a great symbol of spring and summer.

What is the State Bird of Missouri?

The Eastern Bluebird is the State Bird of Missouri

The Eastern Bluebird was named the State Bird of Missouri in 1927. This bird is found throughout the state, although it migrates to northern areas early in the spring. Because of its popularity, the bluebird can be seen in Missouri throughout the year. It symbolizes happiness and is commonly seen in large yards and gardens.

The Eastern Bluebird is an excellent photo subject. This bird flies low in the trees and blends in with the surroundings. Its deep sea blue color makes it an outstanding issue for pictures. However, be aware that Eastern Bluebirds can be very aggressive, and the nest boxes designed for them are unsuitable for larger starlings.

The Eastern Bluebird is common throughout Missouri and is considered the State Bird. This bird can be seen year-round in many parts of the state and can provide a beautiful symbol of happiness. Many Missourians build birdhouses for the bluebirds in their yards. Bluebirds sing a song called "cheery up," which is said to make people happy.