What is the State Bird of Louisiana?

LOUISIANA - The state bird of Louisiana is the Brown Pelican. This bird is large and has brown feathers and a white neck. Its wingspan is between 6 and 7 feet. It is the state bird of Louisiana and is incorporated into the state seal, flag, and nickname.

What is the State Bird of Louisiana?


The State Bird Of Louisiana Is The Brown Pelican

The pelican is a favorite in Louisiana. The state seal depicts a mother pelican feeding her chicks.  The pelican motif was first used in 1812 for the state seal. In 1912, Louisiana adopted a flag featuring the pelican motif. This flag has changed many times, but the pelicans remain the same.

Brown pelicans are unique birds because of their unusual behaviors. They are often silent but call out occasionally, especially around potential mating patterns. Their bill is long, and their body is big and bulky. They also have sharp, button-shaped eyes. They have brown plumage, and their plumage is similar to that of seabirds.

The pelican has long been the state bird of Louisiana. The bird has been the state bird of Louisiana since 1813 and has become a state symbol. The state seal depicts the pelican perched on a nest. The bird was the first state bird to be used as a state seal.